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Has your Goal Been To Succeed At Blogging?

I'm just peeping at you for now!

You know why?
Because we are gonna start 2019 hacking this blogging matter whether as a starter, a blogger or a veteran. There is something for every one in this course... It will blow your mind.

It's practical and yes, I cracked the code of money making with blogging and maximising its influence... If you just met me here, I am Jenny Chisom, and I was once ignorant about blogging, until a friend taught me so I could promote my business at that time. That was 2009.

I got a client from the UK after that and since then I knew I had drilled a gold mine. I haven't looked back.

Today, 9 years later I have coached over 600 persons in live sessions, raised millionaire bloggers and have taught millions of Nigerians blogging via TV, and Radio as well as social media.

One of the best things blogging helped me recover from was timidity, low self esteem, shyness, impostor syndrome, working jobs I had no motivation for and the inability to see that other people's destinies depended on mine.

I've since gone ahead to dare, broken records, pioneered movements, won multiple awards, inspired many, made 7 figures in trenches, met amazing people, worked with top brands, rediscovered myself and yet just started.

I've experimented a lot of things that didn't work on this journey and even gotten depressed working my blog without commensurate pay. I became popular but remained broke until this system I created worked -the 90 days blog smart approach.

I have blogged 3 niches in 9 years...oh yes, I have somewhat understood branding...yet

I didn't know that I didn't need to blog everything, blog everyday, keep looking at my traffic necessarily but create a business system that is structured. I had to learn marketing 'experientially', and learnt selling too. Oh dear, I have attended lots and lots of webinars, seminars, boothcamps, masterclasses, and gotten sick.

My heart goes out to great writers, creatives, industry experts, survivors, job seekers, and ambitious individuals like you I know can find their voice, and change their lives forever.

And I'm coming with a 21 days online course + a 90 days coaching + a community and lots of resources.

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I'm bringing you juice..wait for it.