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Men Who Remain Single Even In Marriage: Way Out

Oh lawd!

So some husbands have an unwritten competition with their wives thus they can't discuss money or plan together as long as money is concerned.

Either because that is how their wives have told them they want it, or they overheard some untruthful guys say they handle 100% of bills in their household and believed them then made it their rule, or maybe they aren't working hard and that laziness has made their wives withdraw support . For some others sef, they feel their wives should not work and earn money, so that (in their mind) they will remain heads and have respect, or any other

People see you outside as married yet you know in your home it's OYO (On Your Own) you dey.

This season is a good time to sit down with your spouse and be open about your financial journey. No, it's a lie you are living, and you know the pressure this your parochial mindset is causing the peace and health of your marriage. Children are watching. They see and know and perceive all things.

Is that how you want  to model marriage to them?

Think about other areas that you never talk to your wife about, yet some family and friends outside know about them...

Imagine the things you've lost thriving alone and trying to just fit into society's 'real man' status even when you know you are depressed and almost losing your mind.

Come oo, why did you get married to remain single?

What happened to being best friends with your wife and being open? Why don't you invest in communicating, communicating, communicating...your plans, feeling, vision, while planning with her?

Is this really how you want to live under pressure and resentment in this short lifetime we all have?

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