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When A Wife Earns More money...Comedian Forever Shares

Hey fam,

I stumbled on this post by one of Nigeria's most cerebral comedians Forever on the subject of 'Wives earning more than husband' and I totally agree and thought to share.

 I mentioned yesterday that i would share my thoughts on the topic "Is it wrong for a woman to be richer than her husband?" The truth is that there is absolutely nothing wrong with a woman being richer than her husband. What we see everyday is the issue of untamed ego for men who for years have felt that the only way for a man to earn his woman's respect is if he is her provider and Lord thus she would be at his mercy.

So i had this chat with some guys and one of them said it is not good for a woman to be richer than her husband and his reason was that the bible says that a man who cannot provide for his family is worse than an infidel. It is true the bible said so but the bible never stated that a man must be richer than his wife. A woman can be richer than her husband yet the man still has enough money to provide for the family. It is not a question of who has more but being able to cater for your family.

Another said that it just doesn't feel right that the wife is richer but then i asked him, do you know how the wife feels too when she doesn't have and she knows she has to wait for you? Another said that when women have their own money that there is a way they behave but the truth is that there is also a way men behave when they have money, some put everyone under themselves to worship them sometimes including their wives.

So this brings us to the core of the matter which is RESPECT. Most men feel that without money she won't respect him. If you are a man and you have this mindset, you don't deserve to be respected. The first job of a husband is to groom the bride which is why you are called the bridegroom(the one who grooms the bride). If you are able to mentor your wife and lead her into greatness, she would respect you for the rest of her life which would make you greater. Only few people know Joyce Meyer's husband but he is the one who God has used mostly to inspire her into greater height. As a man, if all you have to offer to your woman is money, then you have nothing to offer to her, it means anyone could be her husband. Inspire your woman into greatness. Don't tame your woman because you want to feel on top. Selah