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Why You Should Not Give Up Blogging for Social Media

"This is seriously quite interesting and coming when I have giving up on blogging" This was the first comment I got on Facebook from Madu Chisom as soon as I published my "Blogging course" alert days ago and that is typical.

It quickly reminded me of what Omojuwa, a major savvy online influencer said to me about how he has stopped blogging, during an event we had with other bloggers organised by the Mike Omotosho Foundation in 2017. His comment made me smile with a knowing. So you see, my first commenter seem to be in good company. #ShinningMyTeeth

Let me tell you, more bloggers in Nigeria has given up on their blogs between 2016 and 2018 more than any time in Africa's blogging history"...You can quote me, because I prophesied it in 2013. Hahaha

It is remarkable because it validates what I call the beginning of the end of the "Phenomenon of the all-comers affair". So these people I referred to above, mean well, are influential and have cogent reasons why they gave up on blogging but Blogging is beyond traffic, general posting, online show-off, quick money and such like and is a platform that one must cultivate steadily with a tribe in mind and a business savviness at the core.

The truth is, Blogging will outlive social media and chat messengers. I have always said that a Blog can earn you income such  that you can Will it as a business to your children, and I mean it.

Unarguably, social media can be a platform of influence and earning, just like chat messengers etc but blogging is chief of the space for the following reasons:

- It is your singular body of work in one place
- It is your real estate property on the world wide web
- It is the space you share with no one, and you are not renting
- It is your online CV in cases of job, recommendations, awards, research and verifications of all sorts
- It gives you visibility
- It authenticates your thought leadership and your authority
- People who are not active on social media or chats can still find you
- It is a truly global platform that gives you more international exposure not restricted by algorithms and even SEO issues per say.

I can go on and on

Comparing it with social media influence may be taking things a bit out of context and you should find out more, if you subscribe to my Blogging course reception email list HERE.

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