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Why Male Abuse May Remain On the Increase

Everywhere around us, we see boys and grown men exhibiting violent behaviours. There are usually 99% more men in prisons and it seems okay, because after all would we rather have more women there? Lack of personal leadership skills and irresponsibility even in the home front where men are supposed to be the ‘heads’ is a constant reality. Sexual perversion of all sorts, is not uncommon with boys and men, and to us it isn’t really a big deal. In fact both men and women have come to accept the tragedy that has befallen the male…almost as if they are usually born as the ‘other dysfunctional necessary gender’.

In 2017, while I propagated good values for men and advocate for boys not being abused as they grow to become abusers through my online posts, I was confronted twice by the same man in different occasions.

The "Be A Man Year" Calendar Of The Jenny Chisom Blog Unveiled

Hello boss,
Yes, I know I have been low on the post beat since this January and I apologise. Goodnews is, I am back and bringing you tidings of how this year will look like in frame. LIKE our Facebook page also HERE.
First, I have had to tinker on how best to post only content on Male Empowerment; and I am set since when I announced it. My other development tips will be left out, well I will be sharing them as guest posts on other blogs.