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Health Financing Training Holds For Media and Communication Experts

These are telling pictures on how my day went today as I joined other communications experts in learning about Health Financing and also amplifying same online.

Risky As Bobrisky?

Why do you think more men/boys are the ones who cross-dress and transgender just to be or at least look like women? Could it be that they feel deeply 'neglected' as males due to how we raise most boys permissively? And so they desperately want to be the gender that all the pamperings, education, grooming and empowerment is focused on?

I Taught a Thought-leadership Class Again!

During my training session 2 days ago on Content Marketing and Thought leadership on the Digital Skill SMB Track module courtesy of Sanstonz, I saw the class come alive and ask several questions that showed their interest in knowing how to make money, creating and uploading regular Youtube Videos, blogging, or simply doing Instagram shows... and I explained heartily, since I am in the game, 9 years running...