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Find Love Again - For Men

We have seen it crumble greatness
It is dealing with millions of men even now ( and guess what, women and children in their lives suffer the brunt)
They have learnt to mask it
But not anymore
What you mask is glaring in the day to day decisions you take and how you react to things
In this case love, relationships, women, your wife, your ex, that girl...

Jenny Chisom Blog Unveils "Find Love Again" For Men in Abuja

Men Can Find Love Again As Jenny Chisom Blog Hosts Men in Abuja

Hello boss,

We have moved! Hahaha

By that, I mean we are on to having our first specialised offline support event for classy men who are either divorced, separated from spouse, single but above 35, as well as men who are physically challenged but seeking love.

It is Find Love Again #Flag4Men