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Exclusive Interview: From House Boy to Founder, Dan Eke of Reveals His life Milestones

So I have been collecting stories by great men whose stories inspire us all. One of them is Dan Eke, who has resiliently navigated through limiting life circumstances to creating a better world through his work. Enjoy reading our exclusive interview with him. He talks to Jenny Chisom in these chats.

Can you introduce yourself? Dan Eke is my name. I am from Enugu state and I am resident in Lagos state, Nigeria. I finished from the Department of Arts Education, University of Nigeria Nsukka, where I studied Education/English. I taught in a few secondary schools in Enugu state before finally took the course I am into today.

Don't Men's Health Matter in the Universal Health Coverage?

Men would hardly even go to hospital at will. Usually when they go to hospital, it's always an emergency and in more cases they don't make it back, because they hardly check when signs are early.

When a man dies it's no big deal, sadly. Because it is always women and children we focus on.

Why You Should Not Give Up Blogging for Social Media

"This is seriously quite interesting and coming when I have giving up on blogging" This was the first comment I got on Facebook from Madu Chisom as soon as I published my "Blogging course" alert days ago and that is typical.

It quickly reminded me of what Omojuwa, a major savvy online influencer said to me about how he has stopped blogging, during an event we had with other bloggers organised by the Mike Omotosho Foundation in 2017. His comment made me smile with a knowing. So you see, my first commenter seem to be in good company.

Men Who Remain Single Even In Marriage: Way Out

Oh lawd!

So some husbands have an unwritten competition with their wives thus they can't discuss money or plan together as long as money is concerned.

Has your Goal Been To Succeed At Blogging?

I'm just peeping at you for now!

You know why? Because we are gonna start 2019 hacking this blogging matter whether as a starter, a blogger or a veteran. There is something for every one in this course... It will blow your mind.