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Creating a New Worldview By Downplaying Gender Stereotypes by Jenny Chisom

I could not make it to the Unleash Ur Creativity film academy event to speak last year but this year I have been invited again by the Emmanuel Eyaba Foundation. It is particularly exciting for me because I am going to 'influence gods' - movie makers create stories that mirror and direct society in various ways. The power of creation is the most powerful force from the most powerful tool - Imagination.

Ishakool Hotel: An Undiscovered Delightful Home Away From Home

Hello JCBite,
Like joke oh, you see how 2018 ran fast like a race horse making some of us feel like we are yet to adjust to the year then it is over! Sigh*
I have been mostly indoors last week working hard on my first transformational blogging online course, which has been on demand for almost 5 years. But I was happy to finally get out on Sunday evening with other bloggers and Influencers to a quiet hotel called Ishakool Hotel.

I am not sure you know that apart from blogging, I also do work at Login Bloggers Africa, an Influencer marketing company. On that Sunday evening, we had to go check out a serene hotel and apartment located at 5 Oke Agbe street, off Ladoke Akintola Boulevard Garki 2, Abuja.