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Abuja Civic Leadership Center @ACLCNigeria To Host 2nd Leadership Development Masterclass

The term leadership is most times confused with authority, power, and influence. At the Abuja Civic Leadership Center, we find it extremely useful to see leadership as a practice, an activity that some people do some of the time. We view leadership as a verb, not a job. Authority, power, and influence are critical tools, but they do not define leadership.

 That is because the resources of authority, power, and influence can be used for all sorts of purposes and tasks that have little or nothing to do with leadership. In a few weeks, the nation will decide whom to authorize to serve as president for another four years and also for several other elective positions. Whatever the outcome, we must be mindful that granting authority is just the first step, the bigger question remains whether the authority figures will exercise leadership to make progress on the several daunting challenges we face as a nation. 

The practice of leadership is however not exclusive to those in high positions of authority, but any one can practice leadership, any time and anywhere. We all constantly face challenging situations, whether as individuals or corporately, which requires us to become adaptive in other to make progress. It will involve learning and a readiness to move beyond your comfort zones.

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