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Ayo Adebayo aka HayWhy De Rhymer: On Spoken Word, Male Advantage and Inspiring Lives + Video

My name is Ayo Adebayo, popularly known as Haywhy De Rhymer. An Outstanding and Eloquent Rhymer/Spokenword Artistes that is celebrated worldwide. I have ministered in several platforms both home and abroad, including the biggest Gospel platform in Africa, The Experience Lagos, three times by God's Grace. 

Jenny: How was growing up and what are some of the remarkable things about it you can remember?
My growing up was a bit tough and challenging because of the financial capacity of my parents. I struggled through Schools, but thank God for His Grace that saw me through. I also thank God for my parents, though not rich, but they were very caring and God fearing. They taught me the way of the Lord at an early age and laid a good foundation for me to follow.

Jenny: How has any of these experiences contributed to who you have become today?
A lot. 
It was the godly foundation laid for me by my parents that really influenced me and sharpened me to do what I am doing right now -Worshiping God with my talent  and impacting lives positively. Also, what I went through, the toughness of my experience at an early age really helped me to discover myself and be a responsible man.

Jenny: Do you think born male gave you an advantage during your upbringing?
I think so. (laughs)
The 'ruggedity' and agility of being a male child has really helped me this far.

Jenny: Nice. Can you explain how?
Sure! There is this natural strength and freedom you enjoy by being a Male child. You are permitted to do certain things as a boy without the fear of being molested or taken advantage of. All these surely helped me a lot in discovering who I am and what I am born to do early enough.  I was exposed to life on time and discovered my purpose on time.

Jenny: What aspect of your work do you earn a living by?
I am a Rhymer/Spoken word Artiste, MC and also an On Air Personality (OAP) with Love FM 104.5, Abuja - Nigeria. I equally just started a Monthly Event, "MOMENT WITH HAYWHY DE RHYMER," and somehow fully into Creative Art/Entertainment.

With Fela Durotoye

Jenny: What are you grateful for in line with your work?
Well, I thank God for God. His Grace has been sustaining us. We may not be where we want to be yet, but the truth is, we have left where we used to be. The skill has been paying the bills!

Jenny: What would you say is your life purpose/call?

It is worshiping God with my gifts, affecting lives positively for His Glory and motivating people  to the fullness of their potentials.

With Gospel singer, Sinach

Jenny: How important have mentors and role models been in your life?

They have greatly motivated and inspired me to become a better me and brought out the best in me.

Jenny: Do you currently mentor any young boy/teenager or man?

Sure. I have lots of Mentees, both young and old, boys and girls; more than I can even count all over the world...

Jenny: Awesome! What about marriage?
 I got married 6 years ago by God's Grace

Jenny: What do you do when you are not working or sleeping?
 I enjoy Swimming, Reading and Watching Movies.

With Don Moen

Jenny: How would you say, you have inspired other people?
By the Grace of God, from the testimony of people around me and my fans all over the world through my Albums, Live Ministrations and Radio Programs, I thank God for the level of impact He has used me to make in the lives of the people. So many young persons all over the world are now coming to me for mentorship and inspiration. They want to be like me!

With Gospel artist, Donnie Macclurkin

Jenny: What should your fans and our readers be expecting from you soon?

They should watch out for my next Album, "GOD OF THE UNIVERSE." It will be coming out officially in the February edition of my show, "MOMENT WITH HAYWHY DE RHYMER" at the Porch, Omega Event Centre by Panama Street, Maitama, Abuja in Nigeria on Sunday, 24th February 2019 by 5pm.

That Album is of high impact and loaded. It is the best compilation of my works and creativity so far. 

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Jenny: Any final encouragement?
Don't give up! Today's SETBACK could be a SETUP for your STEPUP. Keep keeping on...

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Jenny: Hope you enjoyed my chat with the enigmatic Haywhy de Rhymer? Do you know anyone who does his style of spoken word performance?