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Biographies Are A Joke by Stella Nnodi: Unveiling DGrammarQueen, Her Journey of pain, and Love for People

Just when you meet an elegant lady, with a great business empire and finding out she authored a book then realising that her life is captured in the words "Pain is NOT final"; that is the experience I had speaking with Stella Nnodi. I have known her a couple of years now as a major supporter of this blog and the cause of male empowerment and have stayed in touch with her. I also know her as a fun and knowledge lover as she always shows up for events, workshops and is so relatable with no airs. I love Stella and talking with her and about her book was so satisfying. The title of her book turns me on creatively. Do you know it or read it yet? The book brought my love and relationship fantasies alive...LOL. Her book is titled "Biographies Are a Joke" aka BAAJ, would you have guessed?

Read our chat below....

Tell us a bit about you 

My name is Stella Uchechi Nnodi. I like to also call myself Jummai. It is a northern name given to a girl born on a Friday.

I am a Language & Communications Coach and a Freelance Editor, Proofreader and Audio-To-Text Transcriber.  I work in HR & Training Consulting and Mystery Shopping Service Provision.

I help individuals and organisations grow their spoken and written communication skills. I also coach and tutor candidates for the IELTS exam. My clients are both Nigerians and foreigners, and come from all works of life. I work with organisations to help their in Human Resources (HR) Management needs in areas of Recruitment & Selection, Capacity Building (Training), Organisational (Re)Structuring and Mystery Shopping Service Provision. Lastly, I edit and proofread books and other written works.

I have 17 years work experience, 11 years of those 17 years were spent in the banking sector. It was a wholesome and enriching experience because while there, I occupied supervisory positions in Domestic Operations (DOMOPS), Internal Control, Human Resource Management and Marketing & Business Development. 

I left the bank in 2012, to pursue my dream of being an independent consultant and entrepreneur. 
I have three daughters, and of my parents’ children, I am the first of four.

How did you begin writing and why do you do all you do?
I have always wanted to write from when I was in JSS 2. I guess I had no mentor or someone to spur me on. The first time I read Chimamamnda Ngozi Adichie, I was blown away, and I was encouraged again. Every time I read a good book, I was nostalgic about writing, because I remember that in JSS 2, I started to write a story to emulate Enid Blyton. I didn’t pursue it, though.

But when I read Adichie’s Purple Hibiscus, I was like ‘Whaaat! This could have been me’. But that was where it ended; again, I didn’t pursue it. In 2014, when my marriage hit the rock, I began to write in earnest, purely for cathartic-release purposes.

I left the bank to pursue a career in HR and Language & Communication Coaching. I like people. All that I do is birthed from the ‘how-can-this-help-people’ purpose that I have.

Why did you choose to publish the book "Biographies Are A Joke" and how important did you see the subject matter for this season?
Like I said earlier, this book "Biographies Are A Joke" and its writing was a trudging journey to recovery. I had no tunnel to pass my pain through, so writing these short stories and poems helped. I am certain that whoever reads it will realise the efficacy of writing as one of the tools of healing mental and emotional pain.

How important have you found writing to be especially in the development of your personality and even for nation building?
Writing is key in personal development and nation-building. When one is able to pull grist from their head and grey matter and put it down coherently on paper, it is a feat reserved for leaders. A man or woman who can write successfully is a leader, and leaders are needed in nation-building.

Stella holding the book with Steve Harris

What are this book's top mindshift take-aways for readers?
Anyone who reads it, especially anyone who has experienced the torture that mental and emotional pain is, can relate. I sought relief through writing. We all should find relief through writing. It is like pouring out your pain.

Are there things you wished you knew before writing this book that would have made your life and or publishing journey easier? If Yes, what are they?

Don’t wait for the ‘right time’ to do ‘it’. The ‘right time’ is NOW! I should have published a long time ago before now, but I guess it is all good.

Posing with Bukky Shonibare (L) and Jennifer Ibrahim (R) with the book

How do you earn from your book and how has your book impacted on your income and success?
Oh well… I must say I am amazed at the response I received as regards this book. When I put out word about the book, I sold 150 pre-order copies in 10 days! I was blown away. I didn’t expect that! It is on now and kindlebooks; there has also been buyers of the hard copy. Income has been steady, slow… but steady. The sound of credit alert warms my heart.

(Laughs) Awesome. What is the biggest impact you anticipate this book will have on readers?

This book will highlight that "No pain is permanent. We all rise, if we purpose to"!

 Any upcoming projects by you to look forward to in 2019?
Yes, I have two books coming up before the first half of the year: one on my birthday, February 15 and the other, before June ends.

Sam Obafemi, Stella, Bashirat Abdulwahab and Me

Wow!! Beautiful Why should anyone buy and read your book and patronise your business services in 2019 and onward?
Oh well… I am dGrammarQueen and I do a good job. I am passionate about satisfying my clients; I go the extra mile for them. As for my book, Biographies Are A Joke (BAAJ), it is my essence that I am giving off to humanity. They emanate from the pit and pith of my soul.

  Just to wrap up, any last words?
 I'd say 
   1.  Be honest to yourself
   2.  Forgive yourself
   3.  Forgive others
   4.  Be free!

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