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Can I keep a 9-5 Job and Be a Successful Blogger? - My Journey

 I remember this day... 4 years ago (Jan 2015), few days after I began working as "Team Lead, Corporate Communications, Brand management and Media Relations" at Guardians of the Nation International. @gotni_ng

I remember this shirt from my asoebi from wedding and I remember feeling fly on this day especially because I also used to love those shoes.

So yeah, I worked full times jobs for many years while still blogging and began full entrepreneurship from 2016. This job lasted for exactly one year, and by December 16 I hosted one of the biggest Bloggers Party in Abuja (3 annual edition) at Sandralia hotel. That was when I decided to quit paid employment finally after working cumulatively for 11 years in Corporate Nigeria 😁

So it's okay to run a successful blog while working, but when you are ready to hit it big, then I am your never-do-without Blogger coach.

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