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The Men Code City Tour with the Boys Lead Foundation and My Passon

My Ilorin face 😁😁

Set for my @themencodemovement city tour session with great men and boys.

The programme is therapy-styled to help men unwind, reflect and recalibrate for the next awesome phase of their lives.

My passion for men stems  from the fact that in our changing world ,the stability of homes, relationships , parenting and raising empowered children for the next generation is hinged on the balance of men. Women, children and our society are in desperate need of responsible, powerfully vulnerable and happily successful men.

My blog Jenny Chisom Page began the movement in 2016, we birthed viable online men communities called 'League of Extraordinary Men' now @themencodemovement after the launch of the affirmation book "The MenCode: 12 Empowering Affirmations to live without Regret".

After successfully, hosting 3 live events for men in 2017, we are back with a Men Code City tour and Ilorin is our first stop in partnership with the Boys Lead Foundation USA.

This passion got an online frank talk, issue based TV collaboration that birthed @thecravewithchiandchi (On YouTube) with Nigerian cinematographer and video marketing enthusiast @ralphncsanchez. I co-host the show and it's launching fully soon...

My heart is full...