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Why Leave Your Country When There Are Limitless Opportunities? Irene Ughah Writes

Part of the side effects of under developed continents like Africa is the massive migration of her citizens at all costs to supposed greener pastures. The general mindset is to get ahead by seeking for opportunities in more developed climes without recourse to the boundless resources and opportunities that virgin areas and economies habour. Being that it is not easy  to pioneer developmental strides, Nigerian Author Irene Ndidi Ugbah chats with me on her latest project and her life.

Check out her book here:

Limitless - Irene Ugbah
Here is what Mr. Emmanuel Abuhson wrote about the book amongst many other people

You don't know how much you can do until, you see how much was installed inside of you. 
All men were created equal, same time and opportunities given to all but what we become are deliberate or nonchalant choices we made. 
I have read this book cover to cover and I saw stories of mortal men who became immortal gods dwelling among men.

Man who left their comfort zone to alter the system of the world. They mount on wings of the wind and create a world that others stumble upon. 
My mind was like literally on fire seeing many opportunities, I have lost and ready to position myself in the coming years.
I will ask you to get a copy. You will be glad to do this. 
This is a seed you need to sow into you for 2019.
It is not just a book but a life tour guide.
LIMITLESS (discover & maximize opportunities the gender gap & opportunities) 

                        In our chat, we explored the following: 

Irene Ugbah being Interviewed by PTV

Jenny: Nice to meet you Irene. Do introduce yourself to our readers...
Irene: My name is Irene Ndidi Ugbah. I am the Executive Director of Crestville Academy, and Founder of the Crestville Development foundation. I am a Public speaker, now an Author. I am a wife and mother too. (Smiles)

Jenny: How did you begin writing and why do you do all you do?
Irene: Well, I have always been writing. During my secondary school, I was a member of the Press club; we were saddled with the responsibility of news writing and casting. However, my writing professionally, if I may put it that way came as a result of pains/challenges  I was going through as an entrepreneur at a certain period. I wrote inspirational articles for my personal healing then, people read them on my various social media platforms and also were identifying with some of the posts. That kind of triggered my becoming an author.

I do all that I do because of my calling or what we refer to as purpose. My purpose is to inspire people to take actions for their life and I have various expressions of my purpose.

Jenny: Why did you choose to publish this book and how important did you see the subject matter for this season?

Irene: I chose to publish this book because I realised that one of the reasons people, especially youths, are desperate to leave our country, Nigeria by whatever means is because they do not see opportunities. The book "Limitless" focuses on how to discover and maximise opportunities because they abound.

Jenny: How important have you found writing to be especially in the development of your personality and even for nation building? 
Irene: For me,  writing is therapeutic. I am an expressive person. I like to say my thoughts and when I cannot maybe due to circumstances, I write them down. Like it is popularly said "the faintest pencil is still sharper than the best brain".

Even as an educationist, I encourage pupils to write especially for pleasure. As a nation we need to invest in libraries because the foundation for writing is reading especially reading for pleasure not just to pass examinations.

Jenny: What are this book's top mind shift takeaways for readers?
Irene: The top mind shift is the fact that opportunities to be successful abounds in our country, Nigeria. Also there are practical ideas on how to discover opportunities within and outside one's environment.  The fact that "you are primarily responsible for your success in life" is also loud.

Jenny: Are there things you wished you knew before writing this book, that would have made your life and or publishing journey easier? If yes, what are they? 
Irene: Oh well, I just realised that there are lots of self help writing guides on the internet.

Jenny: How do you earn from your book and how has your book impacted on your income and success or about to do same?
Irene: My book "Limitless" is still very new in the market -just about 1 month. It is doing well in the market though not as fast as I would want but I am glad. 
Eventually it will impact my income as more copies get sold. Also calls for speakings, book readings and so on will help. Sales on Amazon and outlets too is expected.

Jenny: What is the biggest impact you anticipate this book will have on readers? 

Irene: The biggest would be a mindset shift that there are limitless opportunities to tap into in order to make it like we say in Nigeria. I actually listed  40 business opportunities in Nigeria in my book. It is not exhaustive but  a guide.

Jenny: Any upcoming projects by you to look forward to in 2019?
Irene: Well I have my girl child education projects which involves sending girls to school through my NGO. For my book I intend to do book tours, book readings etc.

Jenny: Why should anyone buy and read your book and patronise your business services in 2019 and onward?
Irene: I believe my book will give you value for money and also cause a mind shift.I wrote in clear simple English using my stories and other peoples stories as examples, and people identify with stories better. For my public speaking, I speak to inspire for action. Astonishingly giving my audience the WOW factor that will spur them to action.
For my school, Crestville Academy, enrolling your children with us is a chance to raise them in godliness and hardwork.

Jenny: Any last words?
Irene: Success is limitless because opportunities abound.

To get a copy of the Limitless E-book at N2,000  click HERE 

For hard-copy, send an SMS only to 08164665935 (Nigeria)

What about this great woman inspired you? 

Do you have any questions for her? Contact her on Facebook - Irene Ugbah, on Instagram IreneAchieve