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ChiTola and The Tiger nuts Flour Revolution Straight From The Farm

You know how as you are getting into your 30s you start getting dietary advices of what to quit eating like sugar and co...

That was how I have not bought sugar cubes for years now...

I've effectively replaced it with honey...home grown honey.

I remember in 2017, I got this full carton load of bottled honey straight from ChiTola Farms gifted to me by the innovative Nigerian farmer ChiTola.

I used honey for everything, drinking tea, pap, hair, skin care, for home made cough syrup etc

Then imagine my joy when I came across ChiTola farm news by News Agency of Nigeria days back!

They have just manufactured the first ever healthy, sweet tasty flour made from.....(drum rolls)

Yes, it is the ChiTi Tiger Nuts Flour made from carefully selected, proudly Nigerian grown Tiger nuts, organically dried, milled and sieved into this premium product.

ChiTola is one great entrepreneur that thinks ...gosh! I'm so proud!

The Vice president of Nigeria has endorsed her products during exhibitions in the past 2 years and she has shown she's the Queen of Agro business in Africa.

This flour has many healthy benefits and when mixed with other flours like maize becomes even more tasty.
This flour according to NAN sells in 150g pack at N500, and in 1kg packs at N4,500 in Nigeria.

It's of export quality too.
ChiTola farms are also cultivators of the signature healthy Mushroom, Bees for honey, Palm oil and are processing other veggies.
Hit them up at ChiTola Farms and get this flour.