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How Blogging Cured Me Of Timidity and Impostor Syndrome

I had known lack for most part of my life as a youth. Growing up as a leader at home was not so easy as a child, then finding self was a painful process.
I went through University broke and, anti-social due to low self-esteem stemming from a biting conservative religious upbringing. But I was brilliant. A brilliant timid girl bubbling with curiosity and ideas from within. 
I was that “A” student who wouldn’t walk up stage to get the accolades from teachers because of timidity and impostor syndrome. I ran away from Physics WAEC hall, because I felt I didn’t fit in.
I wanted to write, share information, create, explore and contribute to humanity but had to fight to follow my path. I ‘ran’ away from home, to find myself and my kind of work in another region. Blogging came to my rescue in my journey of self, work and earning a living.
Now, I serve people internationally, have a firm validation because I have grown a media platform and a powerful personal brand, and have grown in influence, capacity, wealth and more because I learnt to blog from my boyfriend in 2009.

With blogging, my writing, editing, story-telling, and observation skill came alive and being empathetic helped me use its influence to build a force, a movement, a people!

With blogging, I have worked with high impact individuals, served international organisations, earned income from what I consider ‘having fun’ many times, trained thousands of people on the power of blogging via trainings and various media, currently raising a movement of male role models, established a full-fledged organisation - a bloggers agency from it and have now decided to teach how I did it.

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JosephGodwin said…
Please send me materials on how to become a blogger and where to begin from.
I have desired this but think I could begin from here.

Barbara Mangiri said…
I fell in love with your ideas and work at the Writers Summit in Port-Harcourt, so I decided to check your blog and came across this compelling post that reminds me of myself in a way.

I am interested in Blogging and I would like to take your online course or participate in a training if that's available.
I took some online courses on blogging but I feel I've barely scratched the surface.

I created a blog some days ago and posted my experience at the Cancer Walk in Port-Harcourt, just for practice though. All the same, I would really appreciate it if you could spare some time to give me a few pointers as well.