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Divorce Not final...#LoveStory1

Oh what a surprise, she gasped as she opened her door to see him standing.

Yea, I know...please can I come in?


How are the children?

They are away in school, I should be gone to pick them up in an hour.

Okay, I timed this well...(he smiled)

She, wearing a rather worried look, that spoke 'so get to your point real fast', 

So why are you visiting? You can't have the children just yet...

I know, I'm not here for them but for you...I needed to tell you something 

I'm all ears (clasping her arms)

They were both seated, facing each other with a gulf between them just as the sitting room made it.

I know it's been 2 whole years we got done with this marriage, and attempting to find happiness independent of each other...
I also know we have the right to our happiness and life. I respect your choices while I face mine.
However, I came all the way with the 2nd flight from Lagos to tell you that, my independence away from this marriage isn't working, he smiled looking straight into her eyes.

I don't want to be independent or single, I want to do life with a partner, a lover, one who totally gets me...

And no other woman on the globe fits that bill. It's you I want all over again...

She chuckles...

...I didn't come to compel you or believe you would agree. I am here to tell you this eye ball to eye ball...he continued

She bowed her head...and then found her voice...

So can you now leave my house, since you have said it?

I will, he said standing...

I would want to marry you again, and live happily ever after, however we want it, we have it.

Leave please! She said, almost shouting.

I'm on my way as he approaches the door...then turns just in time to face her squarely.

Is this what you want? Here in a new city, by yourself, with our 3 children? 

She burst into tears...

He caught her just in time in his arms, closes the door which was half opened ...

Will you marry me again? He said, fetching a ring from his shirt pocket.

(C) Jenny Chisom #MyMindInbox 
Sept 7, 2019