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How To End A Relationship With A Woman Without Hurting Her

Today's blog is sweet too!

You know that feeling and that assurance you have that your present relationship is not worth your further investment. Your reasons whatsoever, but yet weeks and months are running into a year and yet you can't bring yourself to tell her that it is over.

That voice telling you to feign "not available", "angry", "relocated" is also just low self esteem. Please do not listen to it anymore.

Relationships are not death sentences, after all a broken relationship or engagement is better than a broken marriage they say. 
Life is not also waiting for you. More so your real babe is in the wait, so why waste more time? You don't have to lose friendships, or slam doors too while at it.

Here's exactly what to do now, in the video. You'd win her respect instead.


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