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Kinds of Men Women Consider Unattractive or Weak

Hey King,

I don't like when a man is considered weak or looked down on, (neither a woman), no human being deserves that. However, there are certain traits that make that decision from women unavoidable because it is unattractive to them.

The way a woman is wired, she looks up to her man. A woman will love you and respect you when you are ahead of her in most ways and especially when she sees you as a mentor asides being a lover.

With women being even better enlightened now, it is posing a challenge for the man who is stuck with 'this is how men do it", without learning to choose their own life, develop their mindsets and be better everyday.

These are women's secrets of the things you may be doing that are making women think you are weak, and I am leaking it for free...hehehe, because I need your kingship intact.


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