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About Me


Are you on a blogging journey and want to learn how to monetize blogging and make impact via it?

Then you are in the right place.

I am Jenny Chisom, a multiple award winning blogger-entrepreneur and male gender advocate.

How I got here…

I grew up as a girl surrounded by loving people who kinda over protected me. I grew up asking lots of questions and set out on a self discovery journey in my late 20s...worked in lovely sectors, learnt to volunteer for causes, had some loving relationships, still in love with life and grown capacity to inspire hope in people for quality living and enterprise through my blogging projects.

I believe that society will be a lot better, secure and loving if Men were better empowered especially in their knowledge of their humanity and redefined essence of masculinity. I know what you are thinking...hahahahaha, but yes if women and children need men for life at every turn...then we should take their affairs more seriously.

We'd find the missing puzzle as you interact on this blog.

Come with me...

My work profile sounds like this:

I started a small content publishing company which was initially providing just manuscript editing and proofreading services in 2009, without any money. Same year I started my first blog to market the business.

I would borrow a laptop from my friend, and guardian at the time, Mr. Emma Ogbeche to proofread client's manuscript when I got a job by referral…yeah. Today, that company has edited and packaged over 200 manuscripts and helped over 13 writers become first-time published authors.

My blog, (now offline), was my biggest marketing tool after word of mouth advertising then and got me clients from the UK, India and South Africa too.

Armed with these, I was sure that anyone in Nigeria can start their business out of passion and make it work especially leveraging on the power of blogging.

I was awarded the Grooming Enterprise Leaders scholarship by President Goodluck Jonathan’s  youth empowerment programme in September 2011 and then bagged a Certificate in Entrepreneurship Management from Pan Atlantic University afterwards. My business idea was outstanding and some of my lecturers became my clients too…

Having learnt the ropes of business at Logos Audibles Enterprises and pioneering the advocacy that blogging can help businesses in Nigeria since 2013, I started this blog to help even more people expanding it in September 2016 to include my life mission which is to "build a global community of men role models for sustainable family units in Africa". I believe that securely empowered men will determine the safety and well-being of society.

Trying to Make It Sound professional here...
As Nigeria’s leading expert on the art of leveraging blogging for business success, Ideas resource person and Male empowerment advocate, Jenny Chisom is the CEO of Logos Audibles, a content development and publishing firm focused on Author services, copy writing, Blogging Empowerment projects, Socialmedia strategy, Advertising, Media publishing services and Counselling.


Having established an editing business without a laptop and moved on to have edited several writings and helped over 13 authors self publish their books since 2009, Jenny is the go-to content engineer.

She is the host of the Blog Smart Hangout, a monthly networking meeting for bloggers and entrepreneurs. She also organises the annually held Bloggers Party in Abuja through her Bloggers Network Alumni project now in its 5th  year.  

The first Social Media Job Fair held in Partnership with DIP Consulting Enugu in June 2014 was her company's initiative too.  


Jenny hosted the first ever Social Media MeetUp in Lagos with Lisa L. Flowers as guest who visited Nigeria from the United States, in August 2014 for varied projects.

She was a co-founder of Business Day out, a free business school with 7 modules, and 7 facilitators and trained over 100 young entrepreneurs in Abuja between 2009 and 2011.

Jenny is a graduate of English and Literature from Imo State University and holds a Certificate in Entrepreneurship Management from the prestigious Pan Atlantic University. She brings all the experiences she has gathered from her  book editing company, MTN Connect, Apt Pension Fund Managers Ltd, Soul Media Communications Ltd, Guardians of the Nation International and Rochas Foundation, to provide information for start ups while profiling inspiring Enterprises and their founders in order to stimulate the spirit of Enterprise in Nigerians and help empower men and young adults to become self actualised and more productive. Since 2016, she has focused more on teaching how blogging can expand business growth and male empowerment advocacy.

Jenny was on July 25, 2015 named a Common Wealth Of NAIJA (COWENA) AMBASSADOR, a project by NEXT PRESIDENT LEADERSHIP ACADEMY (CabinetX Africa).

She won an IDEA POLICE inspector award with two other blogger, Blossom Nnodim and Linda Ikeji in 2012. 

She was honoured with an Impact award from Ayem Africa, a grassroot NGO and also won a N750, 000 Business School scholarship to be among the Grooming Enterprise Leaders program of the Federal Republic of Nigeria in 2011. 

She has been featured on various media including AIT, NTAEntertainment, NTA International, WEfm, AsoFm and several Nigerian Blogs. She has facilitated at Calabar Job and Enterprise Fair, Adobe Behance workshop Abuja, Young Women in Dignity Summit, Imo State University Business Program,  GOTNI Leaders Forum, Colour Me Red PDP Women event, Modern Business Seminars, DIP Consulting Social Media Training, Social Good Summit, as well as Online conferences.

Through her blog, her social media platforms, Blog Smart monthly trainings,  and business strategy sessions, she inspires thousands of people across Africa to market their strengths, businesses and talents confidently. She is passionate about empowering men to secure women and children, which she sees as her  life call.

Jenny also co-founded a Bloggers Agency organisation, Login Bloggers Africa with two Nigerian men.

Her birthday is 5th of July.
Chelsea FC is her favourite Football club but Super Eagles Matches are even her never-miss. 

Deji Irawo is her Men perspective coach and she was trained extensively by the DFID funded "Being a Man in Nigeria" and became an ambassador for Voices 4 change projects in Nigeria from 2014-2017.

She is first a born again Christian, and resounds that nothing else matters as much as her pursuit to serve God and bring a bit of heaven on earth.

Gift presentation during 2Twosix Tennis Summer camp for kids
Jenny loves hiking and tries to keep fit by any convenient work-out routine. 

She is also a hobby-actress at Nollywood, and has a feature movie and two short films to her credit.

Thank You for checking out this blog!

Join me on Instagram @jennychisomblog

Twitter at @JennyChisomblog


Anonymous said…
your blog is so interesting. it can keep someone here all day long. you are really working hard. God is your strength always. Jisike.
Anonymous said…
Chisom,visiting your blog left me greatly inspired and are truly an inspiration to this generation.keep it up!
impactwithvicky blog said…
Your blog is inspiring. Thumbs up!
Asa Etim said…
I'm proud of you gurl
Akpene Jacob said…
Wao such an interesting profile, looking forward to work with you ma
Nice keep it up my dear God is your strength be bless always
Jecinta said…
Woow, this is an awesome piece! I am proud of you and your blog is for serious CEOs and intending CEOs.
Trisha Fom said…
Great Job. Great Achievments. Keep the flag flying.
Unknown said…
goal getter! go Jenny
Wow! Amazing.

Your blog is intriguing and insightful.

About you page is an eye opener. You're going places.

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