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I have a range of Online Courses including:


"Editing Business Start Up" - For natural error spotters in writing who have been editing or proofreading other people's work but still wondering how to price their services rightly, set up a business structure, handle clients better and not burn out with work.

         (Video Course) - N35, 000 

     (Admission is Open Now)
(Send Evidence of payment to us via - Use Course Title as email subject)


"Blog Monetization Clarity Course" 

Guides you through ensuring you leave the hobby blogger corner to owning a blog that can make you an income irrespective of the niche by giving you money-making strategies you never thought about.

                 (Audio Course + Interaction) - N25, 000 

     (Admission is Open Now)

                                    REGISTER HERE then PAY HERE 
                   (Send Evidence of payment to us via -
                                                  Use Course Title as email subject)

"Blog Your Way to a Dream Job" 

This course is for job seekers who are already social media savvy/ blogger and shows exactly how to position yourself to be 'toasted' by the organisation you are 'eyeing' by the magic of your blog. It is that magic that will get you jobs and you may have to choose from. Beyond getting a job, you get a life earning a living doing what you love.

(Webinar + Email course + Interaction) - N25, 000 

                                REGISTER NOW then  PAY NOW

                          (Send Evidence of payment to us via -
                                                  Use Course Title as email subject)

"Create, Set up and Monetize your profitable blog"  - This course is a one-on-one coaching for individuals who need guidance to set up a profitable blog from their expertise. Only for action takers. (12 weeks) 

                  (Webinar + Email  + Interaction) - N90, 000 

                                REGISTER NOW then  PAY NOW

                          (Send Evidence of payment to us via -
                                                  Use Course Title as email subject)  

"Authors' Book Sales Strategy Course" - For the writer who wants to understand ways to promote, market and sell books online and offline in Africa without having panic attacks. All the marketing strategies you need to distribute your books and cash out consistently.

                                (Email course + Audio) - N55, 000 

                Check below to register and get notification first when this course opens in November



"Content Money Course" - This course embodies all that you need in order to identify the content product you can sell, ways to price them, and avenues you can deploy to sell online and build a sustainable business from 'selling your head'

                     (Video + Audio +  Email) - N120,  000 

         Check below to register and get notification first when this course opens in October


Click HERE to start or book for any of the non-blogging courses, you may want above.


Visibility is key in business and venture, do use #JCB blogs and social media platforms to reach more audience over a period of time. Let us be your PR buddies online and offline.

Our packages run from 3 months above in a subscription styled format:

#JCB Basic - N350, 000 (3 months)

2 Blogs/ 2 Facebook pages/ 3 Instagram pages/  3 Twitter accounts  / Whatsapp + Content styling- Once weekly on all platforms for 3 months (350, 000)

#JCB Unique - N600, 000 (3 months)

2 Blogs/ 2 Facebook pages/ 3 Instagram pages/  3 Twitter accounts  / Whatsapp + Content styling + 5 extra blogs/socialmedia - Once weekly on all platforms for 3 months 

#JCB Naija flavour - N1, 500, 000 (6 months)

2 Blogs/ 2 Facebook pages/ 3 Instagram pages/  3 Twitter accounts  / Whatsapp + Content styling + 20 extra blogs/social media - Once weekly on all platforms for 6 months. 

SPECIAL!!! (Birthday Promo July 2-10, 2018)

Just N50, 000 weekly for:
2 Blogs/ 2 Facebook pages/ 3 Instagram pages/  3 Twitter accounts  / Whatsapp + Content styling  reaching 100, 000 new contacts.

Logos Audibles Ent.
       Diamond Bank

Then send evidence of payment to 

These are services that distributes your advert banners, texts or video content across thousands of targeted audience by interest and location using Social media and or Google services.

- Facebook/ Instagram and Twitter 

= Budget + 30% surcharge 

- Ad popup by Display network on Youtube, Search networks, Website displays, App dispays, Games, Shopping etc

= Budget + 30% surcharge


- I want you to blog my event live (Pictures, Videos, Tweets)  
- Just Live-tweet my event/conversation 
- Just livestream my event on Facebook and Instagram
- Just make my event trend on Twitter
- I want all major blogs to be posting about me

Need any of these, send us a request for a quote via



Usually, I am a highly paid speaker in the areas of:

- Social Media career
- Leveraging blogging for business growth
- Bootstrapping your small business and starting off
- From Ideas to business strategies
- How to get your online campaign to go viral
- Digital storytelling
- Owning your life
- Executing your life assignment
- Finding yourself as a Single person
- Dealing with Peer pressure
- Undoing stereotypes and gender myths; living your best life
- Turning fear to success
- Understanding the 'Man'
- Getting over rejection
- Your Purpose and Relationship Ties


I believe that men need more support and hope to navigate the 21st century realities and lead productive empowering lives. Being a Men coach have had me research men and provide platforms for them to unburden, be vulnerable without being judged thus helping them find solutions. The challenge of the average man is complicated majorly due to culture and other factors, and while we need to raise boys to be more sensitive and empowered to secure our world, the need for our cause cannot be over-emphasised.

It is our contribution to closing the inequality gap as stated in SDG 5 and 10. We believe here that "with more unempowered men especially in Africa, empowered women and children would face even more crises thus we must work at supporting and empowering boys and men too". 

Hosting the "Real Men summit" 2016, "The Man and Himself" series 1 - Purpose and "The Man and Himself - Relationship, and currently the "Be a Man" show on Instagram @jennychisomblog, while hosting a Men community on Facebook and on Whatsapp has given me deep insight into being a professional coach in areas of self development, relationship and business/money. I am a certified Fear Mastery coach and use such therapy in my work with men.

To schedule me to speak to a Men group, Boys group, Women groups, Mixed groups, teenagers or Couples BOOK ME HERE

To Join my community of Extraordinary Men mailing list and be the first to get my book "The Men Code" for free, CLICK HERE


To take a Digital Skills Online course with Certifications from Google, follow THIS LINK to start. This training is powered by Sanstonz Consult 

To attend my Friday weekly live Digital Skill training for FREE in Abuja, REGISTER HERE to get details by email.


I offer one hour coaching calls on any of the above area to provide clarity and you can book a session to ask me anything by phone call via +2348038994417 or send an email to to request.

One hour coaching calls are N50, 000/$140 

                                        All payments are made to: 

                                         Logos Audibles Ent.
            Diamond Bank


Then send evidence of payment to 

                     READ MORE ABOUT ME HERE

For product reviews, Collaborations, Sponsorships, Partnerships, Tip offs and enquiries by email or call 08038994417


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